Smart Home


Welcome to the "smart home" - a system combining the latest advances in software, hardware and communication technologies that can be applied to everyday living in order to create the ideal surroundings for safe and comfortable living. The entire system adjusts to your needs and desires. A single touch on a central console or your mobile device allows you to manage your home. The new technologies for comfort, safety, ultimate convenience and simplification of everyday activities that are implemented in our facilities have given a new meaning to the “perfection of living”.

A touch to security

Your safety is our first priority. The central console provides you a clear view of your entire living space! Going to work, on a holiday or a short trip, each time you leave your home, you never have any concern for the security of your home. The smart system includes burglar and fire alarms, while the video-surveillance relieves you of worry for the safety of your children.

System features

Owing to small, simple actions, you are able to regulate and manage the lighting, i.e. raise and lower the blinds or choose the desired lighting ambiance; you can regulate the air conditioning, heating or cooling. Pick movies at a single touch, select the sound you like, check your mail… Control who enters your home through the option to allow or forbid certain people from gaining entry to your apartment at a given time.