Take a cup of coffee at the most serene spot in Vračar. In your living room. Enjoy yourself by being surrounded by the top quality natural materials, wood and marble. Admire the work of the best interior designers. In your own apartment.

Complex "SMART PLUS" is conceived as a new European architectural concept, but it will be imbued with its once easily recognizable metropolitan spirit. Modern according to its architectural structure, but also romantic, it is a sheer reflection of the older and more sophisticated Belgrade.

The company SMART PLUS invests in the construction of the residential facility comprising apartments and garages, all in full compliance with modern architecture and natural environment. These luxurious apartments are for families who want to use the advantages of contemporary technologies and to enjoy full comfort of their own home. The features of the location as an urban entity are the following: good orientation, green environment, vicinity of the city downtown, easy access to the main city transport facilities, better quality of air due to the elevated position, excellent views. On the map of Belgrade City, this part of Vračar Municipality is deemed the most beautiful residential district.

In its immediate vicinity there are four parks, a public kindergarten as well as a privately-owned kindergarten, a public primary school and a privately-owned primary school, a secondary school, fitness center, medical center and the market place, while all other important urban facilities may be accessed quickly and easily.