Human resources

Listen to your heartbeat and imagine how many times your heart has pulsated to make you the person you are today, and how much more energy and effort will be required for your continued development in life. We have grown in the same way, driven by willpower and desire to succeed.

Since in the constant of change it is crucial to keep balance at all time, we try to give all members of our team an opportunity to balance their lives through professional and personal development.

If you are trustworthy, dynamic, creative and responsible, prepared to work in a team and prove yourself in a workplace with excellent prospects, contact us and we will give you the opportunity for professional and personal development in a dynamic business environment, knowing full well that people are the most valuable asset of every company.

Embrace the challenge!

If you are a recent graduate (or on your way to obtaining your diploma) and not primarily driven towards getting a stamp in your employment history booklet, but wish to embrace a challenge and take the opportunity to fulfil your ambitions in an extremely dynamic business environment, join us!

You will receive full support through intensive education and practical training, while it will be up to you to excel in pro-active performance and thus demonstrate that you a team player with a winning spirit.

Building our company on curiosity, enthusiasm, creative drive and acceptance of new ideas, we have become what we are today. We therefore keep our door open to trustworthy and responsible people who are prepared to direct their knowledge and energy towards accomplishment of SMART PLUS vision.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for a position in our company, send us a link to your LinkedIn profile or your CV in Word or PDF format to the email address