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For us, the future of architecture, modern living and high-quality business activity has already started. In a short time, the company SMART PLUS has stood out as the leader in construction of luxury business, commercial, and residential facilities.


The entire field of civil engineering: design, construction, equipping and furnishing, engineering, and consulting with legal and natural entities.


SMART PLUS is an operative, flexible and complete professional system, with qualified staff and organizationally and technically fully equipped to enable realization of even the most demanding tasks in architecture and construction.


The imperative of the company’s business policy is realization of investment projects according to the highest standards of quality, cost-effectiveness and timeframe. We foster relations with our clients and observing their specific requests while maintaining top quality of performance, both in traditional construction technologies and in the segment of additional high-standard technological solutions.


To create modern buildings, with organic entity and structure, open to shaping of personalized living spaces in conformity with the surrounding architectural environment, to achieve harmony with the space and settle into the future.


The time and place where architectural and building invention represents a unique and holistic event. In our company the quality of space becomes a standard, with comfort and convenience as integral parts of the ultimate achievement in residential culture.


Chosen with special care, the locations of our buildings put you at a strategic and competitive advantage.


Analysis of projects, assessment of significance and profitability projection, with risk identification and management, represent segments of our business activity that guarantee satisfaction of your most specific and valuable business interests. Oriented towards each individual client, we eagerly meet a challenge and enthusiastically find solutions best suited to one’s particular needs. We listen, ask questions, understand, search, achieve, test, and never give up until we are convinced that the solution we have found is the absolute best.


The imperative of our business activity is increasing the efficiency of business processes and consequent realization of long-term advantages. What is important to us: achievement of strategic goals and job satisfaction. What is important to you: satisfaction with the quality of products and services, satisfaction with the business cooperation. What is important to the community: meeting the regulatory requirements and expectations of the community.


Our companies have selected the standard ISO 9001:2008 as the foundation on which we have built our quality management system.

Social responsibility

Success is measured not only by good business results, but also by the responsibility towards the community in which the business is conducted.

As a vital part of the corporate culture, through developing the system of values, our company puts social responsibility among its priority goals.

Respect for fundamental human values and personality of each individual constitutes a part of our mission. Our most important resource lies in our employees, their talents, skills and knowledge.

At the same time, as a company, we are oriented towards our own development as well as the development of our environment, and therefore continue to invest into knowledge and progress.

We actively participate in social and development programmes of our local community. Aid to socially vulnerable groups, environmental protection, promotion of health, culture and sports are the projects we initiate and support.

In 2009 we joined the UN Global Compact initiative. This membership reflects our commitment to promotion of the principles of respect for human and labour rights, preservation of the environment, and combat against all types of corruption.